Interlibrary loan service for registered patrons:

Interlibrary loan service is available for all registered patrons with a valid reading card. The rules of interlibrary loan are the same as those specified in the Library's General Rules & Regulations.

Although domestic interlibrary loan is free of charge, the expense of copying is determined by the provider library and is to be paid for by the patron submitting the request.

Interlibrary loan from abroad will be initiated by the Library exclusively for patrons with borrowing privileges, provided that the requested documents or copies are not available in domestic libraries.

The Library normally charges HUF 4,500 per volume for interlibrary loan from its foreign partners. The Director General of the Library has, however, reduced with 50% the price of such loans. Therefore, we charge HUF 2,250 per volume this year.

Personal interlibrary loan and/or copy requests are to be addressed to

Rita Haffner
Phone: (+36-1) 411-6361
E-mail: e-mail: haffner . rita [at] konyvtar . mta . hu, konyvtarkozi [at] konyvtar . mta . hu

Nóra Szegedi
Phone: (+36-1) 411-6361
E-mail: szegedi . nora [at] konyvtar . mta . hu, konyvtarkozi [at] konyvtar . mta . hu

Interlibrary loan service for libraries:

As a member library of the National Document Supply System (ODR), the LHAS lends its documents free of charge to domestic libraries.

Requests are accepted through the ODR network (requests for documents not recorded in the ODR database must be sent via the Blank Request Sheet) or by email (stamped and signed).

Due to the Library's policy of protecting and safeguarding its collections, requests sent via e-mail may not always be accepted.

Loan requests will not be accepted for
  • documents dating from before 1900;
  • periodicals;
  • large-format documents as well as those of high value or under protection;
  • reference works in the main reading room and in the special collections;
  • encyclopedias, lexicons and dictionaries;
  • audio and video tapes as well as CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs.

Copy requests for non-circulating documents (xerox, microfilm, photo and digital copies) are as a rule accepted.

Institutional interlibrary loan and/or copy requests are to be addressed to

András Horuczi (for books and monographs)
Phone: (+36-1) 411-6319
E-mail: horuczi . andras [at] konyvtar . mta . hu, mtak [at] konyvtar . mta . hu

Orsolya Kovács
Phone: (+36-1) 411-6100 / 675
E-mail: kovacs . orsolya [at] konyvtar . mta . hu

Sándor Tatár (for serials and periodicals)
Phone: (+36-1) 411-6319
E-mail: tatar . sandor [at] konyvtar . mta . hu, folyoirat [at] konyvtar . mta . hu

National Document Supply System (ODR)

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