Collection profile

  • language & literature;
  • ancient history & classical philology;
  • oriental studies;
  • science policy & research management;
  • publications of foreign academies & learned societies;
  • literature dealing with general, methodological and interdisciplinary aspects of the social sciences & the history of science


Shelf mark range Physical location Holding  
000.001–053.272 Internal stacks  
100.000–199.999 External stacks*  
200.000–289.999 External stacks  
290.000–299.999 Internal stacks  
300.000–319.999 Serials Collection, Oriental Collection & external stacks
320.000–320.999 Oriental Collection  
321.000–349.999 Serials Collection  
350.000–359.999 Internal Stacks  
397.000–398.800 Department of Manuscripts & Rare Books Goethe Collection
400.000–499.999 Internal stacks  
500.000–519.999 External stacks Sheltered copies**  
520.000–599.999 Department of Manuscripts & Rare Books
600.000–699.999 Internal stacks  
700.000–749.999 External stacks (Oriental Collection)  
750.000–755.190 Oriental Collection Scheiber Collection  
755.191–755.999 External stacks (Oriental Collection)
756.000–761.999 Oriental Collection  
762.000–768.999 External stacks (Oriental Collection)  
769.000– Oriental Collection  
800.000–899.999 External stacks  
905.000–920.999 Internal stacks  
930.000–967.161 External stacks  
A– Microform negatives - Internal stacks  
B– Microform positives - External stacks  
BA-053.273– Internal stacks  
BB-100.000– Internal stacks  
BC-100.000– Internal stacks  
KA-967.162– External stacks  
KB-100.000– Internal stacks  
KC-100.000–KC-106.999 Internal stacks  
KC-107.000– External stacks  
KE-100.000– External stacks  
Misc. Oriental Collection  
NC-100.000– External stacks Library of the National Casino
Documents classified
in subject orders***
External stacks  

* The Library's external stacks are housed in a storage facility in Törökbálint near Budapest. These documents are to be requested the day preceeding their use before 8:00 p.m. They are made available after 9:00 a.m. the next day.

** Sheltered copies are normally not made available to patrons. Permission for onsite use of such copies may be requested from the Head of the Department of Reference & Reader Services provided that there are no regular stack copies at hand.

*** The classification of documents according to different areas of knowledge was completed in 1891. Sixteen main orders were set up, including History, Law, Archeology, Philosophy, etc. Although the majority of these documents was assigned new shelf marks in the course of the 20th century, some orders still await processing according to modern standards.

For detailed information on shelf marks and stacks see also the subpages of our Special Collections.