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Hours of operation for the upcoming Easter holiday

The Library will be closed from 29th of March to 1st of April.
Normal operation will be resumed on 2nd of April.

Books and periodicals requested online from outer stack before on March 28, 7 PM can be picked up on Tuesday, 2nd of April. And between 28th of March, 7 PM and 1st of April, 7 PM can be picked up on Wednesday, 3rd of April.
Thank you for your understanding.

We wish our Readers Happy Easter!

Information | 2024. 03. 18.

Library closing information

On the 22nd of March, Friday, all departments of the library will be closed all day due to technical reasons.

Books and periodicals requested online from outer stack between March 20, 7 PM and March 22, 1 PM can be picked up on Monday, March 25.

Documents requested after 1 PM, March 22 will arrive on Tuesday, March 26.

Thank you for your understanding.

Information | 2024. 03. 18.

’Jewish books through time and place’: Fabrizio Quaglia’s research on printed books of the Kaufmann Collection

Fabrizio Quaglia, a book historian and expert in Judaica and Hebraica, has been working on the Kaufmann Collection for some years.

Currently, as part of a research project (2022–2024), he is creating a detailed bibliographical description of 15th–18th century printed books of that collection.

As a result of his research, not only the smallest individual details of each print, such as marginalia, seals, censorial notes, etc., are described, but he also delves into the books' places of origin. In the recently launched series ’Footprints: Jewish Books Through Time and Place’ he introduces the book collectors whose libraries David Kaufmann purchased. The first part deals with the history of Mantuan collections preserved in the LHAS. In the second part, the author presents collectors from the province of Emilia. The third part, "Piedmontese detour" provides an insight into his research on book owners.

Information | 2024. 01. 11.